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EV Rides offers Electric Car and SUV rentals in Denver Colorado & Surrounding Areas

At EV Rides, we’ve taken the business of car rentals and propelled it into the future. In short, we have sustainable electric vehicles that you can’t wait to drive. Whether you’re a local who just wants to try out an EV or a visitor flying in for business or pleasure, expect a premium experience in one of our premium EV rentals. Book now or call (877) 387-4337 for service in Denver and the surrounding areas of Colorado.


Sustainable is a byword thrown around a lot today, but for EV Rides, it’s at the core of who we are. We truly believe in the transition to sustainable energy, and we also happen to think that it can be a blast at the same time. That’s why we specialize in only electric vehicle rentals. We’re the experts on the subject, so when you rent from us, we’re here to answer your questions and provide the vehicle support you need.

History of EV Rides

Michael Aschenbrener founded EV Rides in Denver, Colorado, in 2019 after he rented out his first Tesla, a 2012 Tesla Model S 85 named “Monty” on a P2P carsharing platform. With a VIN under 2,000, it was one of the first Model Ses to leave the Fremont factory; it was black/black with lacewood trim, professional chrome-delete, and tint. What an awesome car! Rather than trading in Monty when he decided to take delivery of a new Tesla, he listed Monty for rent. It rented right away. “Hmm, this is interesting,” he thought, and the rest is history.

  1. The Lightbulb Moment

    By the end of summer 2019, Michael’s family actually had to rent a car for themselves because both of theirs were rented, leaving them with no vehicle to take the kids to school, sports, and other activities. After the second time in three weeks that they needed to rent a vehicle, the proverbial light bulb went off: this could be a real business.

  2. Formation of EV Rides

    In late September 2019, Michael officially formed EV Rides. The very next day, he took delivery of the first company vehicle, a blue/white Model 3 LR AWD named “Stormfly” (Michael's kids were very much into the “How to Train Your Dragon” movies at the time). Throughout the fall and winter of 2019, EV Rides took delivery of more Model 3s and its first handful of Model Xes.

  3. Early Expansion

    EV Rides started 2020 with a running start and grew quickly — until the pandemic brought its reign of terror to the world in March 2020. They weathered the storm, though, and began adding vehicles again in July 2020.

  4. Our Future

    After growing steadily since its founding in 2019, EV Rides is poised for even greater growth. We are continually refreshing our fleet while looking for strategic growth opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to become the world’s largest all-EV rental car company — it’s what we can do to make business and leisure travel sustainable.

Why Choose Us?

Someday, all rental car lots will be filled with EVs, but they will not all be filled with EV experts and enthusiasts like us at EV Rides. Rent from us because we are:


We teach clients how to drive fun EVs with confidence.


Major advocates for sustainable energy use.

EV Rides Electric Car, Van, Truck and SUV Rentals in Denver, Colorado & Nearby

We’re Colorado owned and operated.


Contactless rental and pickup from our convenient location.

For more information see our FAQ pages.

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With EV Rides, you can tick all the boxes: take care of the environment, drive a car that you want to be seen in, and experience the luxury of a premium vehicle. Get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle and start your trip in an exciting, sustainable way. Book now or call (877) 387-4337 for service in Denver and the surrounding areas of Colorado including Aurora and Denver International Airport.

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