How to Book a Sustainable Travel Trip

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the travel industry. This type of travel is centered around preserving the environment and minimizing negative impacts on the destinations we visit. It’s an excellent way to travel while being eco-friendly and socially responsible, and an electric vehicle rental from EV Rides can certainly make it better! Here are more sustainable travel trip tips.

How to Book a Sustainable Travel Trip

Research Accommodations

Start your quest for sustainable travel by researching tour operators and accommodations with eco-friendly practices. Look for companies that promote environmental conservation and are transparent about their sustainable practices. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) also certifies sustainable tourism companies, so check for their seal of approval.

Choose Responsible Tours

Suppose you’re booking tours or activities. In that case, you should choose responsibly-sourced ones that support local communities, minimize environmental impacts, and prioritize animal welfare. Look for tours that educate you about the destination’s unique ecology, culture, and history.

Travel with Eco-Friendly Transport

A significant aspect of sustainable travel is choosing eco-friendly transport. While staying local, consider taking public transportation, biking, or walking. But, when you do need a vehicle, opt for the sustainable options from EV Rides.

Support Local Businesses

Supporting local economies is always a perk when traveling. Look for ways to purchase locally-grown or -made items, eat at locally-owned restaurants, and stay at locally-owned accommodations. This will help you enjoy your sustainable travel trip even more.

Sustainable Travel Is Possible

Sustainable travel is the way to go if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute positively to the destination you are visiting. So, when you’re coming to Denver, CO, come book a stylish and eco-friendly vehicle rental with EV Rides. We carry a wide variety of electric vehicles, including the new Ford F150 Lightning Lariat and Tesla Model Y. So, get your instant quote from us today by calling (877) 387-4337.

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