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Electric Cars for rent at the Denver Airport

Denver is a popular destination, and at EV Rides, we have all the premium electric car rentals that will make the journey as thrilling as the destination. Book now or call (877) 387-4337 for service at Denver International Airport and the surrounding areas in Colorado.

Choose A Sustainable Car Rental

Not only do we have luxury car rentals, but we have luxury car rentals that protect the environment. We don’t have a gas guzzler on the lot because all we do are EVs. Enjoy the ride without leaving a big ecological footprint in your wake. Choose from electric cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans. Some of our brands include Tesla, Polestar, Ford Lightning, and Rivian, with more to come.

DIA Car Rentals

A Denver International car rental is just as simple. Once you land, pick up the next 24/7 shuttle for a short ride to your vehicle at ParkDIA. No rental counters involved. Go directly to the EV you reserved, message us, and we’ll unlock it remotely. That’s it. No headaches. No long lines.

6-Step Process to Pickup & Delivery


Book your vehicle online and sign the rental agreement from your phone.


Read the pickup instructions and EV tips we send you via text or email.


Message us when you arrive at your locked vehicle.


Grab the key inside after we remotely unlock it.


Drive away.


The return is just as simple. Drop it off, leave the key inside, and message us so that we can lock it remotely.

As you can tell, we’ve done away with all the frustrations of car rentals because you don’t need the angst, and neither do we. What you need is a fast process that gets you in the car and on your way. We do that. To learn more about us, see our who we are page.

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Why Choose Us?

Someday, all rental car lots will be filled with EVs, but they will not all be filled with EV experts and enthusiasts like us at EV Rides. Rent from us because we are:


We teach clients how to drive fun EVs with confidence.


Major advocates for sustainable energy use.

Electric truck, van, SUV and Car Rentals at the Denver International Airport

We’re Colorado owned and operated.


Contactless rental and pickup from our convenient location.

In addition, if you need an insurance replacement, we know how to work with insurance companies and body shops to get the rental you’d like to drive. We get it. Most EV owners don’t want to go back to a gas-powered vehicle while they’re waiting for repairs.

DIA Electric Car Rentals

When you need a car rental company in Denver, choose EV Rides. With premium vehicle support and concierge-like amenities, what’s not to like? Book now or call (877) 387-4337 for service at Denver International Airport and the surrounding areas of Colorado including Aurora.

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