EV Rentals for Ride Share Programs

Rent an Electric Car for Uber or Lyft in Denver

Do you want to make extra cash working for Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, or other on-demand platforms but don’t have your own car? Well EV Rides has the answer to your dilemma, and its name is HyreCar. Book now or call (877) 387-4337 for service in Denver and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

Lyft & Uber Car Rentals

EV Rides is partnering with HyreCar to provide rideshare drivers with EV rentals for Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare/delivery services. EV Rides will rent affordable EVs to HyreCar-qualified drivers by the day, week, or month — with no long-term contracts or commitments.

You heard that right. We’ll provide affordable rentals so you can put some extra cash in your pocket. If this has never been an option for you before, get ready to take advantage of a way to generate extra income.

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Sustainable for You & the Environment

EV Rides wants to help make all cars on the road EVs, but we know that the cost of a new EV is a significant hurdle for many people, including rideshare drivers. By allowing drivers to rent sustainable EVs, we are removing the cost hurdle. This is a win for drivers, passengers, and the environment.

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Available Rentals for Uber & Lyft

At EV Rides we offer all brands of EVs including Tesla, Polestar, Nissan, Rivian, and Ford Lightning. Being a driver allows you to set your own schedule, be out and about in the community, and meet new people. To see what we have available for your use today, click on book now and get started making money.

Why Choose Us?

Someday, all rental car lots will be filled with EVs, but they will not all be filled with EV experts and enthusiasts like us at EV Rides. Rent from us because we are:


We teach clients how to drive fun EVs with confidence.


Major advocates for sustainable energy use.

Uber & Lyft Rideshare Rentals in Denver Colorado

We’re Colorado owned and operated.


Contactless rental and pickup in multiple locations.

Electric Ride Share Rentals

At EV Rides our partnership with HyreCar makes it possible for you to take advantage of another income opportunity and drive fun, sustainable EVs. Book now or call (877) 387-4337 for service in Denver and the surrounding areas of Colorado including Grand Junction, Aurora, and Denver International Airport.

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