Rental Electric Cars and SUVs in Denver

Sustainability is becoming an ever-increasing piece of how EV Rides thinks and lives out its business model. The very fact that we rent only EV cars is the first step in the process. But our future is to take sustainability to the next level. Book now or call (877) 387-4337 for service in Denver and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

Sustainable in All Areas

As our company grows and thrives, we are putting into place the pieces that will take us into the future in a sustainable way.

Rent an Electric Vehicle in Denver Colorado and Beyond
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    First, we truly believe in the transition to sustainable energy, and we are passionate about the use of EV vehicles as a part of that world. Living and working in Colorado, we’re surrounded by the natural beauty of our state, and we want to be part of preserving it. We want to make it easier for travelers to our beautiful state to also be a part of the solution. And hey, how fun is it that you can drive a car that goes like a rocket and still protects the earth at the same time?

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    Sustainability also includes education. As EV experts, we love to educate our clients on how to use the vehicles. We know there is a learning curve if you’ve never driven an electric vehicle before, and we want to make sure you’re comfortable and have a great rental experience while you’re helping to save the world.

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    Next, we want to be sustainable in our relationships with our vendors and suppliers. What this may look like is implementing sustainable practices that include everything from the soap we use to wash our Teslas, Polestars, and other EV rentals to even the clothes our employees wear while they’re working. These practices will truly reflect who we are as we figure out how to be economically viable, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly.

Green Cleaning

We avoid using big car washes as much as possible because of the water use and instead primarily rely on a non-toxic vehicle soap mixed with just a few ounces of distilled water to clean our cars. It’s more work, but it’s better for the water supply.

Sustainably Sourced

For our company t-shirts, we found a local vendor that could source sustainably harvested cotton woven by employees paid a living wage for maximum earth and economic sustainability. We then had them screen-printed using ink with the lowest toxicity ink we could find. It only cost a bit more than basic t-shirts, and doing so makes a big difference in the lives of many.

Why Choose Us?

Someday, all rental car lots will be filled with EVs, but they will not all be filled with EV experts and enthusiasts like us at EV Rides. Rent from us because we are:


We teach clients how to drive fun EVs with confidence.


Major advocates for sustainable energy use.

Sustainable Electric Vehicle Rentals in Denver Colorado and Nearby Areas

We’re Colorado owned and operated.


Contactless rental and pickup in multiple locations.

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If you’re here to explore Colorado, you need a car anyway. Why not get a fast, smooth ride that isn’t leaving a footprint the size of a dinosaur? Book now or call EV Rides at (877) 387-4337 for service in Denver and the surrounding areas of Colorado including Grand Junction, Aurora, and Denver International Airport.

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